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About Us

Our family’s roots run deep in the rural landscape of York County, Pennsylvania. It has been home to the Wintermyer family since the 1700’s. In the 1930’s my grandfather farmed with horses on his family’s farm just down the road. We’ve been raising grass-fed animals on pasture since 2009 for personal consumption and are now offering customers our delicious farm raised food that we’ve had the opportunity to share with friends and neighbors over the past decade.

Pasture Raised Makes A Difference

We enjoy raising animals in an environment where they are free to exhibit their natural behaviors as God designed them to do so. Our animals thrive on pasture and fresh air. A chicken is free to act like a chicken and hog like a hog. As a result they are healthier and free of stress compared to animals raised in conventional farming operations.

We do NOT use antibiotics and growth hormones.  Cattle forage on grass and vegetation. Chickens and hogs are raised on pasture and fed GMO-Free grains that are supplemented with organic vitamins and minerals from a local feed mill. These practices translate in to healthy and delicious food. We have the satisfaction of doing things right for the environment, the animals, and the people we serve.

Our Standards


Raised Humanely on Pasture

No Hormones, Antibiotics or GMOs

Regenerative Farming Practices


No confusing food labels

Open door policy to the public

No monthly commitments

Fill your freezer or order weekly